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                                                 Aorta Life Cycle Model
The aorta life cycle model is a software development method according to the waterfall model, but after each cycle is a feedback to the customer site.
History of the Aorta Life Cycle Model
In the eighties and nineties, many life cycle models were introduced. What these models have in common is that they have a shorter development cycle. By strict application of the ‘waterfall’ model, the customer only at the time of delivering what has become the final application. When using the other life cycle models are developed several cycles, where a customer gets feedback after each cycle. Any errors are thus more easily detected and the customer can directly indicate how he wants it. It is also important to make certain that each life cycle is completed without error. If an error is detected in a subsequent life cycle costs a lot of money to correct the error. Each previous cycle will be repeated for any new errors.
The Phases of the Aorta Life Cycle Model
The Aorta life cycle model includes nine steps to reach the final model to come. We start with the Orientation phase. In the orientation
Aorta Life Cycle ModelPhase is roughly mapped out the wishes of the user of the application are. Then comes the planning stage. During the planning phase, a project plan for the rest of the project. After these two phases beginning the concrete work, consisting of five key stages. In the model below, these phases appear along with their main product. The first letters of these phases form the word “Aorta”. This is the beating heart of a project. Finally, even the last two stages. The evaluation phase project to look back at the experience in identifying and then comes the final phase, the maintenance phase. In this final phase of maintenance on the delivered application. This is often distinction in a warranty and a maintenance period.Pros and Cons of the Aorta Life Cycle ModelAdvantages of the aorta life cycle modelIf in the beginning of the project failures are detected, it takes less effort (and therefore time and money) for this error. In the waterfall model phases to be properly sealed first before proceeding to the next stage. It assumes that the phases are correct before proceeding to the next phase.

In the waterfall model lay the emphasis on documentation. In the newer software development methodologies makes it less documentation. This means that when new people in the project, and people leave it is difficult to transfer knowledge. This disadvantage is not the waterfall method.

It is a clear and simple method. It is very obvious when certain steps are finished.

One can use this method of milestones.

The waterfall model is well known. Many people have experienced, so there might be easy to work.

Disadvantages of the Aorta Life Cycle Model

There are some disadvantages of this way to develop software.

Many software projects are dependent on external factors. The client is a very important external factor. Often the requirements during the course of the project change, because the client wants something different. It is a disadvantage that the waterfall method assumes that the requirements will not change during the project. Where the construction phase a requirement changed, a whole number of phases made again.

It is very difficult to time and cost estimate. The phases are very large, it is therefore very difficult to estimate how much each step cost.

In a number of new methods are almost all aspects of a software development project included. You can think of planning techniques, project management methods and how the project should be organized.

For many software projects, different people at different stages of the project. For example: the designers and builders. They all have a different view of the project as designers look at the project differently than the builders. Conversely, the builders often different from the design of the designers look than the designers themselves. Frequently, the design will be adjusted again. Here is the waterfall method is not made for that.

Within the project the team members often specialized. One team member will be only the first phase involved the design, while the only builders in construction helping to build the project. This can lead to waste of different sources. The main source is the time. An example: the designers are working on perfecting the design. The builders are in principle already start building, but because they work with the waterfall model, they should wait until the first phase is complete. This typical example of a waste of time.

When frequent portions of the software product to be delivered this gives the customer confidence but also the software development team.

Testing is done only in one of the last phases of the project. In many other software development methods will be tested once a specific sub-application is complete and is at last an integration test.

This is what you should know about the aorta life cycle model.